By his volition


A husband is expected to Abraham, mother in law can sit with a older child on certain times, and generally will be born in May - will suffer, so it is preferable to the end of April... May everyday situations dictate the date of birthday?

Nina Antonova, an obstetrician-gynecologist, Driving Course "Flexible delivery"

"Programmed childbirth - a phenomenon of our time is quite common. Nevertheless, a main indication for it - soundness or pregnancy of more than 40 weeks and three days. By a technique, according to my statistics, some 80% of gerls give birth on a own in a 40th week of pregnancy, however it is not correct on the first time of the 39th 7 days show perenashivanie and move to a hospital. Whether to choose childbirth simply programmed as desired to have time before leaving her husband on a business trip or podgadat by a certain date? I think this is not right, it is better to wait for the date on which a designated nature. In a case where there is no evidence for such leave, organic process is always preferable. Cause contractions faster and more aggressive natural, and a process does not always proceed smoothly. Do not To think of that everything will go according to a outline - induced labor can end and cesarean section, and episiotomy. If suddenly the programmed delivery medic insists, claiming alone that "Monday is more convenient" and "ought to be done before the holidays," it is complete to know a opinion yet some specialist, and if there is no claim to hasten - opt a organic option. "

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