Diagnosis of strabismus


To create a diagnosis, "squint", doctors often need alone look at a child's skin eyes. Usually diskoordinirovannost a look of both skin eyes is evident.

A physician may ask the baby to follow the object, while it closes and opens one eye. This lets you know which of the eyes squint, however much, in what direction, and under what circumstances. Also, this test helps detect amblyopia ("lazy eye"), which is ofttimes found in squint.

Most experts believe a wish for verification of all infants from 3 to 5 years. In any case, a lower age limit does not exist, and with the slightest suspicion of strabismus want be sure to visit a eye medical man.

Ways to treat strabismus

Treatment for strabismus want begin as early however possible and to be integrated. A younger a baby, a greater the chance that he will get rid of this problem. For the treatment most ofttimes used a following methods:

- Points. Wearing glasses or soft contact lenses in many cases, may correct strabismus moderate.

- Temporary sealing the healthy eye. Helps to make a patient eye stronger and even his look. A physician may prescribe wearing bandages all the time or intermittently for a few week or weeks.

- Surgical treatment. At times this is a alone way to align a eye muscles and improve vision in congenital strabismus. In most cases, a single transaction, and if the should arises, it is repeated in a any years. Later a operation, the child may claim approximately time to wear glasses.

Other treatments may involve medications and exercises for the skin eyes. Typically, ophthalmologic centers have special rooms for a treatment of strabismus, where children are engaged in varied eye simulators and devices. Attendance at such training significantly increases a chances of success, particularly when carried out under a supervision of a competent professional.

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