So old makeup differs with winter


A second factor that is important to consider is the type of face. In a classification of face types, compiled by scientists, dermatologists Fitzpatrick, described six skin types. A first - people with fair great facial skin, blue or green eyes, which are much easy to burn in the sun. Holders of the skin phototype can without risking damage in the sun for about 10 min. If you multiply the 10 minutes on the level of protection (SPF), marked on the cream, having the time during which the cream ensures you complete protection from ultraviolet radiation. For example, if you first facial skin type, and the specified level of protection cream SPF 20, It is possible to stay in the sun 200 min, this field must be re-protective cream.

In sunscreens can be used physical and chemical protective factors. Physical (usually titanium dioxide) - the most powerful, it must be used on the beach, in a sun. It creates a face plenochku impervious to sunlight. A alone downside of these creams - white film, which they left on the face.

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