Moms share your experience: hair upkeep following giving birth


At the present time on a market there are a lot of therapies and external remedies for hair restoration later the birthday. Serum, covers, shampoos used to a skin of the head and local effects on a roots of the hair - the hair nourished, improves microcirculation, strengthens the root system. If you are certain harmless part of these funds, It is possible to safely apply them.

If a intensity of hair loss does not stop, and a men's recipes do not work, you should see a specialist doctor trichologist. It will evaluate the state of the scalp and hair and prescribe individual treatment of hair following childbirth. But this is an extreme case, usually, all a problems with the hair still disappear for six months. So all that a mother must be - is to focus on the child regularly caring for hair, nails and facial skin. Recovery will not be long in coming!

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