Mums share the experience: a bag to the hospital


Earlier delivery

If you pick to pre-hospital, be sure to ask what kind of items are allowed to bring on labor. A fact is that each hospital rules and conditions which want be guided by collecting bag. However it is perfect to agree in advance. In a case, this list is usually more limited. Later you will understand that none of you will not be wearing a bag of pre-natal service to the family and then in a post-partum. You yourself will forget where it was put, came to a hospital. Of the birth, the husband, mom or other relative may bring all necessary for you and the newborn things. So that expectant moms ofttimes come with a minimum of things.

Normally it is:

• slippers washable;

• personal leaving products: toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo (easier in bags), child soap, a comb;

• compression stockings;

• bottle of yet mineral water;

• Photo or video camera;

• Mobile phone and charger.

If the expectant mother came to a hospital with a minimum of things at home it need be gathered bag with everything you request for yourself and the newborn following birth. So be careful with this to a mum or father had only to bring a bag to you in hospital.

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