Mums share their experience: infants's dowry


Some time ago, we asked moms of our website to make a list of items, objects and assistants who, in your opinion, are the most desired in a first days and months of baby's life. It is time to put stock!

How Highscore shopping for childbirth.

Clothes and underwear

Bedding - 2 sets

Blanket - one thin, one heartwarming

Diaper h / b and flannel - 5 items

Sliders, body, slips - for 5-6 items

Blouses / vests with long sleeves - 2 items

Caps / hats - 2 thin, one soft

Antitsarapki - 1 pair

Socks - 2 pairs

Towel for swimming - 2 pieces

Envelope or overalls (a cold season)

Care and first aid kit

Diapers - for starters, you can buy a small pack, and later it will get clear what and how much will be spent

Serum for Diaper

Ointment "Bepanten" hlorofillipta solution

Baby wipes

Saline to moisten a nasal mucosa

Means for swimming for babies

Cotton sticks and discs

Children's scissors

Thermometer for water


Detergent baby clothes and linen

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