Cons stroller:

The alone disadvantage of carriages, which I found - it is still too heavy. But I'm scared to imagine what would get been hard Emmaljunga, when she put the baby.

I as well looked at moms who bought stroller with swivel wheels. I enjoy to create an effort to turn around, and they - no. But on a other hand, my wheels easily go on a road, and turning - get stuck and clog. And at times rattle. So there's a double-edged sword.

And I understood a basic thing: stroller should, 1st of all, visually like mommy! Then roll under it and be lovely! And even if the operation you will find some minor flaws, goodness looks all smooth.

My summary: This stroller is perfect for our roads are not always cleared for the harsh winter and for mums who are attracted to the classics. For summer a stroller would be too heavy and massive.

You keep your observations? May you give advice on choosing a stroller? Then join our collecting experience, comment, share knowledge and tips!

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