Mums share a experience: children's dowry


Buggy - not all consider it a necessity, you can buy and after birth.



Home to possess any diaper raspashonok, means for bathing, diapers and wipes

Actually, it is the bare minimum! All

Right, if a car seat.

Let me explain - diapers and wipes can not approach. A child may be born highly little or more big. However do not stock up on clothes in wild numbers.

Sleeping bags - anything comfortable, but if the child is old so do not.

Stroller, crib - also come with time and are not necessary items.

With the 1-st son of a much handy pad on a changing table. With the second desk was not)), and there was no effect)) did not die))

The second was a basic chair and cot - and a rest to a minimum))) bottles and natural pump bought so when the problems began, a scale is as well needed - will keep given

However append to Sawwe - importantly mom and what to make of a hospital)))

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