Clubfoot in Infants


Why a newborn is sometimes born with clubfoot, and as it threatens? So to find this feature in the building, and most importantly, correct? To answer questions - in our medical substance.

What is clubfoot

Clubfoot - a main term used to refer to varied provisions of a improperly foot. It may show a following signs, expressed in varying degrees:

foot (particularly a heel) less than normal in size,

toe of a foot downward,

dorsum of a foot to the position, the other foot,

full turn of foot inside (in severe cases), the sole facing up.

Most types of clubfoot appear at birth (congenital clubfoot), the frequency of this question is one in a thousand babies. In 1/2 of the cases affected both feet. Although clubfoot causes no disease symptoms in a child, a treatment should be started immediately, however in a future it could cause significant problems. Fortunately, if a treatment is started in time, most of a infants almost entirely correct this disease and may lead completely ordinary lives.

The causes of clubfoot

At times clubfoot may result with improper position of the fetus in a uterus (postural clubfoot), but in most cases it is hereditary, the cause of which is yet unclear. The presence of clubfoot with relatives increases a likelihood of construction of a baby.

Most cases of clubfoot is not associated with other abnormalities and malformations, but occasionally she can accompany violations structure of a spine and other bones. It is so significant to identify immediately after clubfoot closely examine the baby for other pathology.

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